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Quince's Story

In a word (or more) Quince and Company is the result of one too many "Wouldn't it be great if..." conversations among three yarnophiles. We started as two knitwear designers and an owner of a spinning mill - each of us confessing to a strong bias toward natural fibers, be they soft and sensuous or rustic and sturdy. We also think businesses can be good citizens-should be good citizens-without making too much of a fuss_about it.

So, we've created a line of thoughtfully conceived yarns spun from American natural fibers or sourced from overseas suppliers who grow plants, raise animals, or manufacture a yarn in as earth- and labor-friendly way. We think we can have our yarn and knit it, too.

Pam Allen knitted her first sweater in high school-a stockinette stitch pullover with a crew neck. Somehow she survived the experience and has gone on to knit many more-learning something new about knitting each time. She is the author of several books including Knitting for Dummies. She was editor of Interweave Knits from 2003 -2007 and more recently worked as creative director at Classic Elite Yarns. She can knit in her sleep. Yes, really.

Carrie Bostick Hoge is a knitter, photographer, designer, inspiration scavenger, and coffee mug collector. She tinkers and works in her backyard studio, where she can see her chickens roaming free, hear the birds calling, and smell the scents of the green gardens that surround her. She loves caring for all her animals-four cats, six chickens, several hundred worms for composting, and an angora bunny.

What you'll find at Quince and Co.

We offer wool yarns that are sourced and spun in the US. Known in the trade as "territory wool," our wool comes from Merino, Rambouillet, and Columbia-based sheep that roam the ranges of Montana and Wyoming. All our wool and wool-blend yarns are spun in New England mills with venerable histories. By sourcing our wool in the US and manufacturing our yarn locally, we minimize our carbon footprint.

But, hey, as much as we want to promote our American sheep and yarns, we also want to enjoy the pleasures of fibers that aren't readily available in the US. We also want to be responsible for what we import. So, when we blend our wool with other fibers, we find out as much as possible where, how, and by whom they came to be. If we're sourcing a yarn from a plant fiber, we want to know if it was grown in conditions that are healthy for the soil and for those who tend and harvest it.

If we're looking for an animal fiber, we want to know if the animal was raised in a way that sustains the earth and preserves the culture of the people who care for it.

Our Patterns

We believe that all knitting is equal. Some days we crave intricate stitches on tiny needles; other times we want to plow quickly through a chunky yarn with big, round needles. Either way we're happy making something we know we'll want to wear.

We tend toward projects that are utilitarian and friendly-the sweater you reach for when you pour a cup of tea or grab the dog's leash for a walk. But we also like the precious, labor-of-love, little jewel of a knitted accessory, too-a cabled mitt, a dainty lace kerchief-you know the kind of thing.

We want your knitting experience to be a pleasure, and your project to be a success. To that end, we've written our patterns in as clear and user-friendly a way as possible. We've explained the techniques we use, added tips, and included technical illustrations when needed.

There you have it, the story of Quince and Company in a nutshell. We're a small yarn company with big plans, so stay tuned and visit often.